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9 Amazing Google Chrome Extensions That’ll Improve Your Marketing

As a digital marketer, you need to know about the important Google Chrome Extensions that help to enhance the traffic. There are many Chrome extensions are available by which digital marketers get an advantage, but most of marketers don’t use such extensions. If you want to enhance the marketing and traffic generation you should understand the importance and have to use Chrome extensions.

We researched about the Google Chrome Extensions available and found some amazing extensions that are really helpful to increase the traffic.


SEOquake Google Chrome Extension

SEOquake Google Chrome Extensions


SEOquake Google Chrome Extension

If you are eager to know what your competition is ranking for in the organic search results, then SEOquake is for you to understand the strategy in a better way. With the help of this tool you can analysis the things shown in search results, ideas about the paid ads running by your competitors and help to know the keywords targeted by your competitors.

Following are the important things offers by SEOquake:

1. Helps to review all major SEO metrics

2. Helps to get a thorough analysis of SERPs and allow to exporting the results in CSV

3. Helps to estimate the keywords difficulty instantly

4. Helps to set parameters for a search query on search engines

5. Helps to get a complete SEO audit of a webpage and check for mobile compatibility

6. Helps to analysis the social statistics

7. It uses a wide range of default parameters

8. Helps to get a full report for website internal/external links

9. Helps to determine the keyword density and configure a stop-word list

10. It compares URLs/domains


MozBar Google Chrome Extension

MozBar Google Chrome Extension


MozBar Google Chrome Extension

It is a free browser extension that allows on-page access to Moz’s link metrics and website analysis tools. MozBar helps to get details about Domain authority and LinkedIn analysis. With the help of page analysis feature it allows you to get an overview of the title, description and the schema.org markup of the webpage.

Along with this it has a link metric which shows webpage authority, domain authority and the number of linked root domains to any webpage that you’re searching. MozBar provides you an instant metric while viewing any webpage or SERP.

1. It creates custom searches by search engine, city, region or country.

2. Quickly shows the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) of any website

3. It access and compare link metrics across web pages while viewing SERP.

4. It helps to find and highlight the keywords on a webpage and differentiate all links with type: Do-Follow, No-Follow, Internal or External.

5. It shows webpage elements, general attributes, markup, and HTTP status.

6. It helps to export your search engine results page (SERP) analysis details to a CSV format file.

Get More with the Moz Pro Subscription

Here are the additional MozBar Premium features you can unlock

1. It helps to view the Keyword Difficulty score for any search query on any SERP in real-time.

2. Get instant webpage optimization details and content suggestions for any keyword query on any webpage.

3. It helps to analysis deeper into a webpage and SERP analysis data with root domain and sub-domain links, unlimited Open Site Explorer reports and many more.


BuzzStream Buzzmarker Google Chrome Extension

BuzzStream Buzzmarker Google Chrome Extension


BuzzStream Buzzmarker Google Chrome Extension

Buzzmarker is an amazing tool for outreach, guest posting, networking and link building. It crawl website that you visit and pull out the contact details associated with that particular website. It is very beneficial to find the editors, reporters, content marketers.

Whenever you browse on the web, the Buzzmarker for Google Chrome makes outreach smarter and prospecting faster by bringing BuzzStream with you. You need to create a BuzzStream account to use this Chrome extension.

1. You can add websites, people, and links to BuzzStream, make notes, and discover contact details without ever leaving the website you’re browsing.

2. You can see the history of your team & relationship with all influencers and web publishers in a one click. It is very helpful to know what they know.

3. You can find and qualify placement opportunities directly from the lists and prospecting tools along with the List Highlighter & Navigator. You can also see which opportunities are already in your account and which are new for you.


TubeBuddy Google Chrome Extension

TubeBuddy Google Chrome Extension


TubeBuddy Google Chrome Extension

For a video marketing strategy, TubeBuddy is an amazing extension tool. While watching any YouTube video, it shows the tags, view counts, and so much more things. It works better when you upload your own video; it suggests most relevant tags for you and helps you to optimize the metadata associated with the video that you just uploaded on your channel.

It is very helpful in YouTube video optimization (video SEO) and YouTube channel management, which is built for YouTube creators and businesses.

This no. 1 rated Google Chrome Extension for YouTube creators to improve search rankings

With YouTube SEO tools you can save your time with the templates and bulk processing tools, as well as it give you the data and research tools you need for YouTube success.

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension to install on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, iPhone and Android. The browser extension integrates directly into YouTube to get effective view.


Buffer Google Chrome Extension

Buffer Google Chrome Extension


Buffer Google Chrome Extension

This is so amazing extension for personal branding and growing your authority. You can seamlessly post content on social media platforms with your followers.

The Buffer is an amazing way to share your quality content on the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from anywhere on the web, with just one click. You can schedule your content to Buffer by using the Buffer Chrome extension easily.

The tool allows content scheduling, means you are able to visit different websites and schedule to Buffer directly from those websites. The tool allows you to post the articles in front of you directly to social media platforms, or to your social media queue scheduling for future.

The Buffer Chrome extension integrates directly into various websites and it allows you to share content in an easy way. You could enable such integration for Facebook and Twitter.

There is a share button appear to help you to share images throughout the web more easily. With the extension’s settings page you can easily disable any of these integrations.


Grammarly Google Chrome Extension

Grammarly Google Chrome Extension


Grammarly Google Chrome Extension

Grammarly is very helpful tool to determine writing errors and help to find the perfect words to express your content. It helps in grammar, spelling, style and tone to express your ideas in an effective way.

With this extension you’ll get suggestions from Grammarly when you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and everywhere you find yourself writing. To get comprehensive writing feedback Grammarly is the best option, as it is a writing assistant that goes deeper than grammar. You can gain confidence as your writing is not only correct, but also clear and concise. To track your progress and identify improvement areas, make sure to register your account to receive a personalized writing report each week.

1. It has inbuilt tone detector which helps you figure out how your message will come across to readers.

2. It helps you to fix the grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues in your writing and it can also help you to revise sentences that are grammatically correct, but looks wordy and unclear.

3. Grammarly for the Chrome extension is compatible with the text fields on most of the websites, including Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others.

4. It is very helpful for business professionals, students, writers, bloggers, and plenty of people who just want to write excellently.


BuzzSumo Google Chrome Extension

BuzzSumo Google Chrome Extension


BuzzSumo Google Chrome Extension

If you are a content creator, this is the best tool for you. BuzzSumo provides you the ideas about content type works in your niche. For example, any webpage you visit, it’ll allow you to know the social media engagement, how many social shares, unique pages and other items like that, and even backlinks of that webpage. It helps you to choose the content types beneficial for your niche.

1. It includes Twitter sharers no longer available officially

2. It helps to view who shared the page on Twitter

3. It helps to view backlinks count for any URL

4. You can see the most shared content for any website

5. It analyzes top performing content formats. 

6. It allows easy sharing of contents via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Save To Pocket Google Chrome Extension


Save To Pocket Google Chrome Extension

Pocket’s Chrome extension is the easiest, fastest way to collect articles, videos, and anything else you find on the web world. With only one click, the content you’ve captured appears across all your devices in a clean, distraction-free place. It becomes a personal, quiet place on the internet where you can spend quality time with the content that matters to you. GetPocket is super important in a role where there’s an endless amount of information.

You Can Capture Content in 3 Ways

1. By clicking the Pocket button in the toolbar section

2. By right clicking a link and select “Save to Pocket” option

3. By using the keyboard shortcuts like: Ctrl+Shift+P for Windows and Command Ctrl+Shift+P for Mac.

You Can Discover Related Content

1. You can see a list of most relevant content you have saved.

2. You can add tags to order, sort, and find stories content in your Pocket easily.

A Home for Your Saved Contents

1. Save anything as per your interest it can be articles, images, videos or links and use them when you want.

2. You can capture news, articles, stories, long reads, and recipes in an effective way. You can also store memes from Reddit, links from Twitter, and videos from YouTube.

3. You can read directly in Pocket, a calm and focused environment for your content.

You can enjoy custom fonts, a permanent library, unlimited highlighting, and more by using Pocket Premium option.


Check My Links Google Chrome Extension

Check My Links Google Chrome Extension


Check My Links Google Chrome Extension

For a link building strategy, it is an essential tool. It helps you to identify which links are working properly and which inks are broken. It is primarily an extension developed for web designers, developers and content editors.

It is very helpful to analysis all the links of a website working or not. Check My Links quickly finds all the links on a web page and analysis each one properly. 

It highlights which links are valid and which links are broken. It allows you to copy all the bad links to your clipboard with one click only.   

Broken links are one of the simplest ways to convince people to link to your contents, and this Chrome extension will help you to find all the broken link opportunities.

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