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Know about Social Media Optimization (SMO) | Important Factors of SMO

Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of increasing the awareness about a product, brand or event by using the various social media platforms and communities to generate traffic and enhance the popularity. 

The process includes the use of social websites, video sharing sites, RSS feed, social bookmarking sites and blogging sites for driving traffic to the website and improving the site’s organic search results. Social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Video sharing websites and blogging websites.

Importance of the Social Media Optimization(SMO)

Enhance a Strong Presence on the Web

To enhance the overall web presence and popularity of the business and to establish the brand authority over digital market, SMO is very beneficial. It is not only introducing people to the business over the social platforms, but also very helpful in branding, improving brand visibility and traffic on the website.

Enhance the Reach to Targeted Audience

Social Media Optimization provides the opportunity to reach out to the most targeted  audience as per your business and allows you to enhance the brand to the customers. With the accessibility through all devices, video and audio, targeted customers get the option to reach out to your website anywhere, everywhere.

Drive More Traffic to the Website

Social Media Optimization is a great source of targeted traffic generation. The social media platforms allow you to reach out the targeted customers worldwide in an easy way. There is no need of extra investments for this.

Lead Generation

Although social platforms are particularly useful for branding and creating a traffic, it is increasingly used for lead generation also. Social media channels can transform the visitors to customers and lead generation campaigns significantly.

Enhancement in the Search Engine Ranking

Along with the search engine optimization techniques, the improved presence on social channels through social media optimization is also very helpful for getting ranked in search engines. This is only because, search engines also fetch data from social media platform for a searched query to rank the quality content.

For making the brand more popular businesses need to keep the content more relevant and shareable for the targeted audience. The more the quality and relevancy of the content, more chances to share and more chances to get high rankings in search engines. Overall, this will lead to a strong social media presence for
your business brand and also drive traffic to the business website.

Important Things to Improve Presence in Social Media

Things to Improve Presence in Social Media


Things to Improve Presence in Social Media

1. How You are Using Social Media for Your Business

In social media strategy, the first step is to review your uses of social media activities for your business. Check yourself as per the visitor perceptive and then find out the opportunities to improve your presence.

2. Optimize Your Profiles on Social Media

As per the current trend you need to check and optimize your profiles and update your bio description effectively. Make sure that all the things mentioned in your profile are clear, relevant and effective for showing your business in front of your targeted audience. 

3. Need to Identify Your Social Goals

After updating the profile as per your business, there is a need to set a goal as per your business needs. Set the goal about network, which you need to target for improving your social presence. Set the goal for quality content you need to post to engage your niche audiences. 

4. Set Up Most Relevant Content

In social media strategy, figuring out the overall schedule for your business on social media is an important part. Always look for more relevant content that you want to post and schedule as per your posting on social media platforms. In posting on social media platforms requires consistency and retention to gain more engagements.  

5. Uses of Video Content in Social Media Post

As per the social media trends in 2019, including videos in your social posts will be more beneficial to reach targeted audiences.

Specifically, in current trending you can see effects of videos on Instagram Stories and IGTV. These are very helpful, because Instagram stories are easy to see, sort and entertaining as well. 

Important Factors For Building Brand Awareness and Customer Relationships

Social media is most effectively used for business in two ways mainly. The first one is, building business brand awareness and second is, building customer relationships. For Following are the most specifics and helpful facts :

Surprises can help to impress your visitors

If you put headings which shows surprises, works to gain the attention, it’s a human tendency. Human brains typically know when something will cause pleasure and give happiness.

Surprises prove to be far more stimulating and grab the visitor’s attention much quicker than things known well and even really like. It shows why people usually prefer an unexpected experience over anything they wants.

Understand the Need of Communication

In social communication, there is a need to talk directly to the people to gain the attention.   To make the relationships with the people in your network you have to personalize your message. Simply sharing ideas with others is helpful to gain popularity and engagement on your content. 

How Questions Helps?

Asking questions to others, which enhance the curiosity are very powerful brain influencers.

Whereas, if the people already get the idea from the headline what they are getting next, then their curiosity may be over before it begins.

Ask questions by which others can relate and get curious about to know the complete content.

Use Effective Storytelling

Stories could be the main cause to gain attention, if people could relate with them. While posting your content on social media platforms, try to make the content flow as a story. The ability to influence others is very difficult without a good story.

In your social post no need to explain all the facts directly. Try to bundle all your facts in the story and then present in front of people to gain more attention. Make your content easy to understand, which could influence others.

Content Which Create Curiosity

As human tendency, if your content creates curiosity in the visitors, there are chances to get more engagements. 

People are always looking to gain more knowledge than others. If you have a good content in the form of story, which create curiosity among people, then definitely you will gain more attention whatever you are posting on social media sites. Once a person knows a little about any particular topic, he wants to find more information to feel better. So you need to post little content to enhance the curiosity and then post full content to gain more engagement.


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