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Most Important 2019 SEO trends You Need to Know | Google SEO Updates

There are frequently updates we can notice in Google Algorithms in term of SEO. As per these updates there is a need of changes in Search Engine optimization techniques. Many SEO professionals and experts are finding new techniques to make digital marketing more effective.

When we discuss about SEO there are two categories in which we consider all the search engine optimization techniques. On-Page SEO is first one and the second one is Off-Page SEO.

Let me explain all the latest updates for these techniques one by one.


On Page SEO Techniques Latest Update in 2019 are as follows:


On Page SEO Techniques Updates

1. Effective use of Robots.txt file

Every search engine uses web crawler or bots to check or crawl the web pages of a website. For getting crawled on any search engine there is a need of the robots.txt file on a website. We can use allow and disallow function for any particular portion (web pages) of the website to get crawled or not by a crawler.

Robots.txt file mainly used to block certain type of content in our website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc,. In these contents, we can block admin section, certain files, folders, Images and URL patterns being crawled in any Search Engines.

So, while using a robots.txt file, there is a need of proper use of allow and disallow functions. There are many robots.txt generator tool available and you can also take reference from Google Support – Create a robots.txt file – Search Console Help – Google Support.

2. Effective placement of Social sharing Icons on the website

To get more popularity, there is need of sharing the content on social media platforms. To provide a simple and fast way on your website to share the content on social media platforms is the placement of the social sharing icons.

Effectively, means just placing these icons is not enough. There is need of some attraction, which gain the attention of visitors. If users find the content useful, the next moment they search for Social sharing icons.If you have quality content that is enjoyable for viewers, then they will share on the social media profiles.         

You simply need to put the social sharing icons in a prominent place in such way that they are easily available for sharing. By this your content get more traffic and more reach to new visitors.

3. Few Elements which need consideration

Use of XML Sitemap

This sitemap contains all web pages of your site which gives an easy access to the search engine crawlers or bots to crawl the complete website. It helps crawlers to find out the newly published content on any websites. Same as a search engine it is also very helpful for the website to get indexed fast with newly updated contents.

With this reason, XML Sitemap has been always in high consideration as an On-Page SEO technique.

Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console

Google Search Console(web master tools) is a web service offered by Google, which is free of charge for all the website, which allows to check indexing status and optimize visibility of the websites.

If you have a newly launched website and have not access to the Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools), then quickly you should create an account for that. You need to understand the importance of Google Search Console tool.

As Google Webmaster Tool  monitors the Google Search results of your entire website. It monitors the presence of your website in search engine and show all the error occurring. Along with all these, it also provides many resources, tips and tools for free to improve overall website performance on search engine.

Use of Broken Link Checker

Broken links or dead links are one of the major factor which affects the overall search engine ranking of a website. Lower ranking affect the presence of a website in search engine results.

So, There is a need of finding all the broken links on a website and need to check the website in a particular period of time in terms of all the major factors which affects the ranking.

There are many online free and paid broken link checker tools available which help to find out all the broken links on a website. Also, there are many Plugins available for websites.

4. Use of Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are a format which is helpful to provide a concise, direct answer to the queries searched by the user. These shows on the search results page while we search for a query.

In current trend a larger number of search results appear in the form of featured Snippets to get huge targeted traffic. So, if you want to gain more traffic through organic searches, then you need to make sure the uses Featured Snippets for your blogs or websites.

5. Important Keyword Density

It is not a latest update in terms of SEO but there is need of understanding the importance of keyword density for the blogs or website pages.

Maintaining the keyword density of a web page or blog is the simply following the rules of the search engine and also helpful to make a genuine content without spamming on the internet.

In earlier, no one use to maintain the keyword density on the website  pages. Many search engine optimizers use to stuff the keywords, mainly primary keyword beyond the density only because of getting the more attention.

There is a certain order to put keywords in the blog or web page to maintain the density of the keyword. The use of keyword in title, description and in the complete body is should be in a manner, so that reader can get a flow in the overall content.

Off Page SEO Techniques Latest Update in 2019 are as follows:

After completing the On-Page techniques, in current trend and competition there is a need of making backlinks for a website. To get targeted traffic or to increase the popularity of a website,  creating backlinks can be more beneficial. Along with the On-page SEO techniques, there is need of understanding the importance of Off-page SEO techniques also.

Let me explain all the latest updates for Off-page SEO techniques:

1. Customize the 404 Error page effectively

404 or Not Found error message occurs when the server is unable to locate that particular web address, it happens usually due to a dead link or incorrect URL.

Or we can say 404 Error is a message displayed when a browser indicating that an Internet web address is not available.

There is need of resolving such problems for genuine URL of a website. But when the user type incorrect address means the need of showing the error message n a proper way. In this case you need to build a custom 404 error page with an effective and attractive design and a call to action button also.

If anyone has eCommerce website, they can also add some categories, offers, discount codes,  etc,. to attract the visitors. This trick reduces the bounce rate of the website.

2. Acquire the Competitor’s Backlinks

Simply making the backlinks for a website is not enough, in current trend and competition there is a need of quality backlinks. It is hard to get new quality backlinks every time. Finding the quality backlink by analyzing the competitor’s  backlinks is one of the best tricks.

With the competitor backlink analysis, you can find the quality websites linking to the competitors. If a competitor’s site is appears on the first page of the search engine results page, you should view the backlink info that helped them to get a high position.

There are many tools available to get info about competitor’s backlinks. Mainly the paid tools are more effective to get the right and complete information the backlinks. 

3. Contribute to Other Sites

Simply we can define the Guest posting as a contribution to other’s website. Guest posting is one of the important ways to create quality backlinks, which help to increase the ranking of a website.  Contributing to other sites always help you to build authority and get more quality backlinks for your website. When you write a guest post for other websites, there are some rules you should follow to make a quality guest post. To get approval for your post make sure the less use of your website link is the content you going to post.

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