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Updated and Approved Free Top Infographics Submission Sites List

What does Infographics mean?

Infographic (“information” and “graphics”) is a graphical visual representations of information in a very attractive way.

Infographics have been in use for many years, but recently due to the increase in the number of easy-to-use, free tools made the creation of infographics more popular.

What is Infographic Submission?

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Infographic submission is the most creative and effective technique to get quality traffic. Sharing of information in the form of graphical representation for link building purpose is covered under infographic submission.

There are many reasons for the popularity of infographics, like these are more interesting than articles or blogs. We can visualize the things with the help of graphical representation.

Is uses pictures, videos and graphics to show the things more clearly. These infographics are very popular and shared through different social media on the internet. The main aspect to use the infographic is to create innovative and informative graphics.

Various Advantages of Infographic Submission

·         On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter these infographics get huge traffic than other information available in the form of text.

·         Infographics can be included on the websites to convey complicated information in a simple graphical representation.

·         Helps to convey the point of view through simple presentations with creative and informative things.

·         In online marketing, infographics is considered as an effective technique to earn more incoming links.

·         Incorporate your brand logo with infographic is a valuable in the promotion.

·         The attractive presentation with infographic designs enables you to share vital information to audience within few seconds of interaction with your visual representation.

Things to avoid while Inforgraphic submission

Although infographic submission is effective in terms of SEO however, there are some aspects that should avoid :

·         Infographic should not be used only for the purpose of link building.

·         Infographic should not be created without using of proper skills, creative ideas and great information with well researched data. May be the cost of such presentation will be high but can earn better results.

·         As there is tough competition in the market, unrealistic expectations should be avoided in infographics submission. You should research more on the quality of the overall content rather than focusing on how to make it viral.

Here we are presenting important infographics submission sites list. These are very effective for getting quality traffic.

All these instant approved updated inforgraphic submission sites are very helpful to promote your valuable information and to make quality backlinks.

If you have some more knowledge about existing free infographics submission sites list, then you can comment below and we will surely add those sites to the list.

Top Free Instant Approval Infographic Directories and Submission Sites List

S. No. Submission Sites DA
1 http://9gag.com/ 89
2 http://visual.ly 78
3 http://www.slideshare.net/ 95
4 https://www.tumblr.com/ 88
5 http://www.infographicsarchive.com 55
6 http://www.reddit.com/r/infographics 90
7 https://www.pinterest.com/ 94
8 http://www.nerdgraph.com 0
9 http://www.loveinfographics.com 44
10 http://submitinfographics.com 0
11 http://infographicsite.com 30
12 http://www.infographicpost.com 36
13 http://www.infographicsonly.com 36
14 http://www.dailystatistic.com 25
15 http://www.bestinfographics.info 32
16 http://www.omginfographics.com 27
17 http://nfogfx.com/ 16
18 http://infographicjournal.com 55
19 http://www.amazinginfographics.com/ 36
20 http://flowingdata.com/ 78
21 http://infographiclist.com/ 50
22 http://infographicsite.com/ 30
23 http://infographicsonline.com/ 26
24 http://videoinfographic.com/ 30
25 http://infographic.co.za/ 23
26 http://www.infographicsking.com/ 28
27 http://infographicjournal.com/ 55
28 https://infogr.am/ 81
29 http://www.easel.ly/ 68
30 http://www.infographicsshowcase.com/ 50
31 http://chartsbin.com/ 65
32 http://www.nerdgraph.com/ 46
33 http://infographicimages.com/ 19
34 http://www.infographicas.com/ 30
35 http://infographic-directory.com/ 31
36 http://www.infographiclove.com/ 30
37 http://www.ratemyinfographic.com/ 19
38 http://www.info-graphic.co.uk/ 21
39 http://infographicgenerator.co.uk/ 10
40 http://www.infographicszone.com/ 44
41 http://www.bestinfographics.co.uk/  
42 http://www.infographicsarchive.com/ 55
43 http://www.bestinfographics.info/ 32
44 http://treegraphic.com/ 15
45 http://www.infographicsinspiration.com/ 29
46 http://www.infographic.ca/ 21
47 http://www.loveinfographics.com/ 44
48 http://www.best-infographics.com/ 46
49 http://www.infographicsamples.com/ 17
50 http://www.infographicpost.com/ 36
51 http://infographixdirectory.com/ 39
52 http://www.onlyinfographic.com/ 37
53 http://newsilike.in/ 36
54 http://allinfographics.org/ 35
55 http://www.dailystatistic.com/ 25
56 http://infocarnivore.com/ 37
57 http://www.infographicsposters.com/ 32
58 http://topinfographic.com/ 22

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